Gigabyte Audios

Thought you'd be clever and peek at what I had at the root domain, eh? The answer is nothing. Ok fine the answer is this. Are you happy? Is this what you wanted? You're exactly the kind of person I had to worry about when I set up this whole joke. Because I'm not gonna host a whole second web server! So this is running on the same host as my normal website, and I had to set up a bunch of sub domain shit to make sure that you couldn't wander into the other one off this. And it was a pain! I could have just pointed the domain to the server, updated the certs, and called it a day but noooooooo. Because of people like you I had to set all this nonsense up! And you know how long it took me? Almost an hour! Ok fine it wasn't that big of a deal, but if I didn't have to split it like this it would have been done 45 minutes ago!

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